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Plast Eurasia Fair 2018

We will be at Hall 12 / Stand 1236 B at PlastEurasia Fair, 5 – 8 December 2018.

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March Of The Almeleks

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Lyrics : Yakup Almelek
Composition  : Alper Almelek
Solistler : Güneş Gürle
Bariton : Salih Kamburoğlu
Piyano Arrangement  : Jerfi Aji
Recording : Raks Marşandiz
Tonmaister : Sıtkı Acim
Cover Design : Alper Almelek
Translation : Erdoğan Ağca
Graphic : Graf Dizgi Evi
Printing : Ufuk Matbaacılık
It was nineteen sixty-seven
When we first began our work
Since then a non-stop race
Has brought us to today

We stand on one principle
To be honest is a must
Always we take seriously
This non-stop race of life

Let us be hard at work
The customer's always right
Top quality is essential too
Good service is our task


Work is dull with no rivals
No rose without a thorn
A powerful team like ours
Can never march in place

We don't like lies and fraud
We stick with the standards set
We know all too well
Money is not everything

We are moderately ambitious
Our desires have limits
It's the law that must guide us
This we can't ignore

Industry and music
Are in our hearts and minds
Commerce and literature 
Are our songs of love

An art gallery we have
And "Laughter at Work"
These are our hobbies
And the apples of our eyes

Business life's a poem
We know this very well
We're Almelek team
A pleasure to sing these lines