Our Representations


We started to represent CPP Film manufacturer AL SHARQ who is the biggest manufacturer in one site.

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Cleaning products for the rolls of flexo printing  machines and rotogravure printing machines.


Cleaning Gels:

  • APS C Gel Pro: Deep Cleaner for Ceramic Anilox rolls 
  • APS MS Gel Pro:  Maintenance Product for Ceramic Anilox rolls and chromed rolls 
  • APS Sol UV Pro:  Cleaning product for parts and printing plates (Manual and Cleaning machines)    


Very effective cleaning product to remove dry UV and Solvent based  inks from parts and the printing plates.


Stainless Steel Brush:  Cleaning brush for ceramic anilox rolls. 

Brass Brush: Cleaning brush for chromed rolls. 

Due that the products include chemicals , the operators should wear a goggles and a thick glovesby using the products.

Gloves and goggles is sent together with the products.