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Plast Eurasia Fair 2018

We will be at Hall 12 / Stand 1236 B at PlastEurasia Fair, 5 – 8 December 2018.

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The Printer March

Words : Yakup Almelek
Music : Alper Almelek
Mezzo-soprano : Ardan Beyarslan
Tenor : Çağrı Köktekin
Piano Arrangement : Ceyda Piralı
Recording : JW Stüdyosu
Tonmaister : Ceyda Pirali
Year : 2008
CD Design : ARION Ajans
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Packaging's a way of life;
Manufacturing's a joy;
Printing well's a source of pride
Where our artistry's deployed.

Flexo, roto, and offset,
Film or paper's all the same;
Check and re-check how it looks,
Quality's our middle name!
Now the third millennium's here;
Let it join us in our quest!
Our machines, they gleam and shine,
Proud to be among the best!

Raise a glass now if you will;
Taste the art of printing, cheers!
Raise your voices in a song
So every master printer hears!